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The massage I received the other day was out of this world!! Absolutely fantastic! I can’t help but think of it often. Mike W. 


My hair is always just the way I want it when I walk out of here, whether it’s color or just a cut.  I get tips on taking care of my specific hair type with products that are healthier for my hair.  If my hair is not healthy enough at the time, instead of just doing it like anyone else would, they let me know and then I make the decision.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else.                                                           Amanda Mathis


I had muscle pain – tension and Kristen worked it out well. Awesome relaxing therapeutic massage.   Curt Maras

After yard work the massage made the sore aching muscles relax and I recovered much faster. With several massages I feel much better flexibility upon awakening and throughout the day.           James Davis

I’m happy with every experience each time I come. I love that I don’t have to tell stylist how to style my hair because she already knows what I like, and i am pleased with every style she has given me!

Stacy Smith

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